Handling Copyright Infringement, Trademark Issues and Online Defamation Is Our Focus

Experienced Negotiation And Litigation For Trademark Infringement

Trademark infringement cases are a serious matter that involves establishing both ownership over a trademarked property and proving that a separate party infringed on that trademark. These cases also call for a seasoned attorney with extensive experience in these matters.

Here at The Russell Firm, you can find an Illinois attorney serving her clients’ needs since 2004. For over 15 years, our attorney, Erin Russell, has been helping clients both as the plaintiff and the defense in traditional trademark infringement issues. Our team knows the difficulties of these cases, and we work to create a strategy that best reflects and protects your needs.

Cases We Have Taken

When you are looking for an attorney for your trademark infringement case, you want to be sure that they can represent you in your unique situation. In the years, we have been representing our clients, we have taken cases such as:

  • E-commerce litigation
  • Nominative fair use
  • Registration fraud
  • Copyright troll
  • Cybersquatting

No matter the nature of your trademark infringement case, our attorney has the experience and commitment necessary to ensure that we are helping you secure the best outcome possible in your case. We do not settle for the fastest resolution to your issues; we want to help you by doing everything in our power rather than take the easy way out in your case.

Let Us Fight For You

Whether you are acting as the plaintiff or the defendant in a trademark infringement case, make sure you have a lawyer you can trust at your side. Our attorney’s experience can become your advantage when we represent you through your legal needs.

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