Handling Copyright Infringement, Trademark Issues and Online Defamation Is Our Focus

An Aggressive Defense Against Copyright Infringement And Defamation Cases

BitTorrent downloads and cable/satellite piracy may seem like victimless offenses, but internet service providers (ISPs) and cable providers take these issues very seriously. When these service providers become aware of an infringement against them, they will take action against those who they believe committed the act.

Here at The Russell Firm, we have built our business on standing up against the big businesses who come after our clients. Attorney Erin Russell has been developing her strategies to take on these companies since 2004. When these major industries send big law firms against you, you deserve an attorney who is capable of defending you and has the experience to back it up.

How We Protect Our Clients

One of the key factors in defending against copyright and trademark infringement cases and defamation accusations is keeping current when it comes to all relevant technologies and the rapidly-evolving case law. Since 2009, our firm has been defending those facing BitTorrent subpoenas and copyright infringement cases, and we have helped thousands of individuals defend their rights.

It is not enough for us just to reach the first resolution possible for our clients, and we want to be sure we are pursuing the best possible outcome on your behalf. You deserve to have an attorney you can trust at your side, and that is exactly what you can find at our firm.

Do Not Settle For Less In Your Defense

If you have already received a subpoena regarding one of these legal matters, choose an Illinois lawyer who has experience in successfully fighting this type of copyright case and winning, and has regularly been selected for inclusion by groups such as Super Lawyers for her skill by contacting us today.

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