Handling Copyright Infringement, Trademark Issues and Online Defamation Is Our Focus

A Committed Defense Against Defamation Cases

The reputation a business or individual builds for themselves can be one of their most valuable assets. After all the effort they put into cultivating this reputation, it is no wonder that they would take considerable legal action if someone should jeopardize that reputation. Defending yourself from that kind of legal response is not easy, but an experienced attorney can help you protect yourself.

Here at The Russell Firm, you can find a Chicago attorney who is not afraid to stand up against large companies and their legal teams. We can answer your questions about defamation defenses while we work to defend you. Attorney Russell has been fighting to secure the best outcome possible for her clients since 2004 and knows how to develop a custom-tailored strategy that suits each client’s individual needs.

How We Look To Defend You

When someone accuses you of defamation, we work to gather all the details of the situation in order to craft a defense strategy that you can count on. We explore all avenues for defending you, including defenses like:

  • You were telling the truth
  • You had received consent to publish the defamatory statement
  • Any defamatory statements were matters of opinion
  • Retraction of any statements
  • You had the legal right to make any allegedly defamatory statements

The consequences of a defamation case can include having to pay considerable damages for things like lost income, future lost income, lost business opportunities, and any other consequences of the alleged defamation. When these kinds of stakes are on the line in your case, make sure you are not settling for “good enough” results.

An Attorney To Fight For You

When big companies accuse individuals of defamation, the individual often feels completely overwhelmed while trying to defend themselves. Let our Illinois team fight to protect you and secure the best possible outcome in your defamation case.

If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation with us today, call us at 312-900-9723 or email us here. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can begin building an aggressive defense for you.