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Aggressive Defense Lawyer For Nagrastar/Dish Network Accusations

Dish Network, aka Nagrastar, is a satellite television company incorporated in Colorado. Nagrastar has for some time been engaged in an aggressive anti-piracy campaign across the United States. Nagrastar pursues claims against people it claims pirated their television programming. Some of those people allegedly purchased boxes. Some allegedly accessed websites. Many people are accused of paying subscription fees to offshore companies who allegedly provide pirated Nagrastar (Dish Network) programming at a discount. Our Chicago defense attorney for Dish Network/Nagrastar piracy allegations has more than 10 years of experience defending those accused.

How Nagrastar Gets Your Name

Nagrastar usually obtains this information by catching individuals selling the subscriptions or boxes and obtaining their customer lists and payment records. They then use those records to pursue claims against the people who allegedly bought the service. Nagrastar takes those business records and sends settlement demand letters threatening litigation, and offering to settle for $3,500. (Nagrastar always begins their settlement negotiations at that number.)

They usually send two copies of their settlement demand letter: one by email and one by certified mail. If you’re reading this, you probably received such a letter or email. A skilled defense attorney in Chicago for Dish Network piracy will be able to defend you against such accusations.

The Nagrastar Settlement Demand Letter Is Not A Hoax

Nagrastar does pursue claims against individuals, and based on all the information that our Chicago defense lawyer for Nagrastar charges has been able to gather, Nagrastar intends to proceed. If you have a question about whether the Nagrastar settlement demand letter you received is a hoax, call attorney Erin Russell at 312-994-2424. An experienced Chicago settlement demand lawyer, Erin can talk with you about the case and can examine any letter or email you received to advise as to its authenticity.

Can Nagrastar Sue For Alleged Piracy That Was Several Years Ago?

The law provides a time limit for how long a party has to bring a claim called statutes of limitation. If a legal claim is not brought before the statute of limitations expires, it is usually barred. If you have a question as to whether Nagrastar’s alleged claims against you are too old to bring a lawsuit against you, call 312-994-2424 and get a consultation with our Chicago defense lawyer for Nagrastar/Dish Network right away to be sure.

Erin can explain the applicable statutes of limitation and talk with you about the evidence Nagrastar alleges they have, which will be listed in the settlement demand letter you received. Before you make any move, it is highly advisable to speak with an experienced Chicago settlement demand attorney.

Do Not Ignore Nagrastar’s Settlement Demand Letter

Nagrastar will make several attempts to reach you. You will likely receive a few letters demanding increasingly large settlements. They will also advise you that if you do not respond, they will send the case to their lawyer for further action. If you ignore Nagrastar’s letter, they will eventually refer the case to their attorneys. Once that happens, it will be more expensive for you to settle. (Once they get their lawyer involved, they have to get enough money in a settlement to pay that attorney.)

The best thing to do if you get a settlement demand letter from Nagrastar is to call a qualified attorney like Erin to discuss your options. All initial consultations with Erin are free, and getting one will help you decide what to do with your case. Whatever you do, do not ignore the letter. Legal matters don’t get cheaper with time. They get more complicated and more expensive.

Nagrastar Will File A Lawsuit Against Individuals

Our Chicago defense law firm for Nagrastar/Dish Network charges has represented people after a suit was filed. These matters, like most civil cases, can still be settled after a lawsuit is filed. However, it is very often more expensive to settle after Nagrastar has filed a lawsuit. The Russell Firm strongly recommends that you try to resolve your case, or at the very least get a free consultation from trusted Chicago settlement demand attorney Erin Russell, before it gets to this phase.

Nagrastar Allegations Of Selling Boxes Or Website Access Codes

Our Chicago defense lawyer for Dish Network allegations can help if you face accusations other than piracy. Attorney Erin Russell has advised and represented individuals accused of selling boxes or running websites that are allegedly involved in satellite television piracy. She also represents individuals accused of selling Kodi devices or access to Kodi devices. Dish Network does file lawsuits against individuals they contend are using or abiding Kodi devices or use of them. Resolve your case by consulting a knowledgeable Chicago settlement demand lawyer today.

Have You Been Accused By Nagrastar? You Need A Savvy Defense Attorney.

If you received a demand letter, email, or summons and complaint from Nagrastar/Dish Network or their legal team, use the contact form or call Erin at 312-994-2424 for a free consultation. The Russell Firm has helped many subscribers negotiate settlements they can afford. Our Chicago settlement demand lawyer can explain your legal options and your exposure and can help you decide the best course of action to take under your individual circumstances. You can save a great deal of money and get an agreement that protects you well by hiring an experienced Chicago settlement demand attorney to negotiate on your behalf.