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Mechanic Resurrection “ME2” Files A Second Lawsuit Against Colorado Residents

| Nov 5, 2016 | Bittorrent |

Mechanic Resurrection
ME2 Productions, Inc., the owner of the rights to the film “Mechanic: Resurrection”, filed a second copyright infringement case against Colorado residents on October 24, 2016. The Court will give them permission to subpoena the names and addresses of the defendants, and the Internet Service Providers will then send notification letters to subscribers warning them that their identities are being sought by the plaintiff.

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People tend to get really worried and afraid when they receive one of these letters. Some of them make the mistake of ignoring it. Don’t do that. Getting sued for copyright infringement is to be taken seriously.

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The Colorado cases filed by ME2 are as follows:

ME2 Productions, Inc. v. Doe 1, et al. — 1:16-cv-02580-WYD-MEH

ME2 Productions, Inc. v. Doe 1, et al. — 1:16-cv-02629-WYD-MEH