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Strike 3 Holdings Continues Litigation in California

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Strike 3 Holdings Continues Litigation in California

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Strike 3 Holdings Continues Litigation in California

California federal courts have long been a major focus for the Strike 3 Holdings copyright enforcement program. It remains one of the jurisdictions where these cases thrive. If you got a letter from your ISP due to the fact that the Strike 3 Holdings continues litigation California, act fast and call me immediately for a free consultation at 312-900-9723. I can talk to you about your exposure in the case and the potential outcomes based on your personal situation.

What is this case about?

Strike 3 Holdings copyright continues in California and has a predictable trajectory. They have filed hundreds of them across the country, and they all work the same way. If you got an ISP subpoena letter about Strike 3, they are accusing you of using a BitTorrent app or website to download and distribute their films. Many people using torrent apps and websites, and sometimes they don’t fully understand how it works. Because of that, they sometimes don’t know that they risk being accused of copyright infringement.

Torrent apps and websites divide movies into little pieces to move them between users. After a user gets all the pieces of a single movie, the app or website stitches them together so the user has a whole movie file to watch. While the user is downloading the pieces needed to watch the movie, the app or website is sending out pieces of the movie to other torrent users. That’s how BitTorrent works.

When a user’s computer sends a piece out and it is sent to the expert for Strike 3, they will have your IP address and will include it in a lawsuit seeking damages for copyright infringement. Strike 3 copyright cases always feature the same cast of forensic experts. Strike 3’s forensic expert in Germany patrols the internet looking for people sending out pieces of Strike 3 movies. After they catch pieces of the moving coming from a particular IP address, Strike 3 takes that information and includes the IP address in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

What can I do?

If you got a subpoena notification letter from your ISP about a lawsuit filed in your state, Strike 3 has filed a lawsuit against you directly. They already have your name and address from the original case they filed in California. Filing a lawsuit in your home jurisdiction is the logical next step to escalate their copyright enforcement program. A copy of one of these lawsuits can be seen here: Strike 3 Holdings Complaint. The filing of the complaint in your home jurisdiction is the first step in the litigation on your home turf, but not the last. This is your chance to either settle your case or formally begin the litigation before your name is made public.

I got a Strike 3 Holdings copyright letter about a case in California. Why am I getting a second letter about a new case?

You probably got a letter from your ISP after Strike 3 filed the first case in California. If you have been sued in your home state you received a second letter from your ISP. That one lists the federal court where you live and a brand new case number. You’re probably reading this website because you got such a letter. Your ISP will provide you with a deadline by which they will comply with the subpoena. Once Strike 3 files a lawsuit in your home jurisdiction things will move quickly toward either settlement or litigation. If you choose to litigate there is a risk of your name becoming part of the public record. However, I can help you take action to avoid public disclosure of your identity.

I have 10 years of experience litigating and settling movie download cases involving pornography. I am one of the few attorneys in the country who has litigated one to conclusion. You can read about my success against Malibu Media, another pornography production house that files similar copyright infringement cases here.

Why is it important to act fast?

Strike 3 copyright cases in California cases are like most cases: you can maximize your results if you act quickly after you receive a subpoena notification letter. If you received a letter from your ISP regarding a Strike 3 subpoena, you should act now to protect your identity from public disclosure. If you fail to respond after you receive notice from your ISP, Strike 3 proceed with your individual lawsuit and will eventually amend the lawsuit to publicly name you and have you served.

Do not wait to act until after you are served a copy of the summons and complaint.

The service of a summons and complaint is a major step toward your name becoming public. It is hard to remove your name from a court’s docket. In some instances I can file a motion asking the court to remove your name from the docket. There is no guarantee that the judge will allow it. The judge may allow your name to be removed from the court’s public docket. Websites that keep track of lawsuits filed across the country may have already listed your lawsuit on their site. They are under no obligation to remove your name.

Attorney Erin Russell can help.

If you received a letter or a summons regarding a Strike 3 copyright case, you should call me today for a free consultation. First we will talk about your case and I can explain your options. We can talk about your exposure based on the number of movies Strike 3 alleges you downloaded, combined with your individual financial situation. I give you an idea of your financial and legal exposure, and provide you with a plan to protect your identity.  We can talk about what it costs to litigate, and what it costs to settle.

Call 312-900-9723 for a free consultation directly with me, Attorney Erin Russell, any time, seven days per week. I will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about how to handle Strike 3. After we talk, you will be armed with all of the information you need to choose the right path for you. You will have options that take all of your circumstances in to consideration.

This is a list of the most currently-filed California Strike 3 Holdings copyright cases:

Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe Subscriber assigned IP address — 5:2020-cv-942