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Bodyguard Productions Adds 49 Colorado Defendants

| Mar 1, 2018 | Categories: Copyright Infringement |

Trial case in Colorado

You’re probably reading this because you got a notice that you are a defendant in a movie download case. Bodyguard Productions started 2018 by adding 49 defendants in two separate movie download cases for alleged BitTorrent downloading and distribution of the movie  “The Hitman’s Bodyguard.” You can see a copy of Bodyguard’s complaint here: Bodyguard Colorado 2018 complaint. If you’re reading this page, you probably received a letter about a subpoena from Bodyguard to your internet service provider. Attorney Erin Russell is one the most experienced attorneys in the country for movie download settlements, and has helped people across the country get a fair settlement of your Colorado movie download case.

If you received an ISP subpoena notification letter about Bodyguard Productions call 312-900-9723 anytime, seven days per week, for a free consultation with Attorney Erin Russell. Erin has helped thousands of defendants settle or litigate their copyright infringement cases. She can advise you regarding your options for settlement or litigation, and help you determine which is right for you. You can also read Erin’s FAQ article on torrent copyright infringement lawsuits if you want additional information on how a movie download case works. If you want to read more about the handling of Bodyguard cases in Colorado, and Bodyguard Productions settlement, you can read about the process and the attorneys here.

A number of years ago the District of Colorado streamlined its handling of movie download cases. They now assign all of them to Judge Wiley and to Magistrate Judge Hegarty. Judge Hegarty is always assigned to handle discovery in these cases. That includes the movie owner’s request to issue subpoenas and any litigation involving those subpoenas.

The letter you received from your ISP probably mentioned the option of filing a motion to quash or motion for protective order. Call for a free consultation and Erin can discuss the likelihood of success of challenging the subpoena.  She has experience filing such motions around the country. If you have questions about filing such a motion, call for a free consultation with Erin. She will explain the risks of challenging a subpoena in a movie download case and talk with you about the related costs and likely outcomes.

These Bodyguard movie download cases are pending in the District of Colorado.

This is a list of the docket numbers for the pending Colorado Bodyguard Productions movie download cases: