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Brooklyn Getting ISP Subpoena Notices In Venice PI Copyright Troll Litigation

| Oct 19, 2017 | Copyright Infringement |

Malibu Media Is Back in Colorado District Court Filing New Copyright Infringement Cases

I represent defendants in lawsuits brought by Venice PI and other copyright trolls in New York and across the country. Over the past five years, I’ve represented more than 3,500 people targeted by copyright trolls. Many of those people wanted to settle. Some wanted to litigate. If you received a subpoena notification letter from your ISP regarding Venice PI, or a settlement demand letter from the attorney who represents them, I can help. You can call me at 312-994-2424 any time from 9am to 10pm central time, seven days per week, for a free consultation. I am one of the most experienced BitTorrent defense attorneys in the country. You can check out my bio on my website here.

If you want to settle your case, I can help you reach a fair settlement in a timely and cost-effective manner. If you recently received the ISP subpoena notification from your cable company, it is still possible for you to settle your case anonymously, without the attorney for the film learning your identity. If your name has already been disclosed, and you got a letter from the attorney, it is not too late to resolve your case before your name actually becomes public. If you have been served a copy of the complaint and a summons, then your name is likely already public, but you should certainly act quickly to avoid having the court enter a default judgment against you. In any of these instances, I can provide you with an assessment of your case that is based on your individual circumstances and my 13 years of litigation experience. You can resolve your case in a manner you can afford if you take action and take control of your case.

You have choices about how to proceed and it is important for you to consult with an experienced attorney like me so you fully understand the potential risks and advantages to each of your options. I wrote a general explainer about BItTorrent copyright lawsuits on my website here. Feel free to check it out before you call, or simply call me at 312-994-2424 right away. Either way, I will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with all the information and legal advice you need to decide how to proceed.

Venice PI has filed the following cases in the Eastern District of New York:

Venice PI, LLC v. Doe — 1:2017-cv-04249

Venice PI, LLC v. Doe — 1:2017-cv-04076