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Badhouse Studios Enters Copyright Trolling Game In New York City – We Can Help You Settle Or Litigate Your Case

| Oct 25, 2017 | Copyright Infringement |

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Badhouse Studios,LLC filed two copyright infringement lawsuits in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York alleging infringement of the film “Larceny .” If you received a subpoena letter from internet provider, you are a defendant in the Badhouse litigation. These subpoena letters are the first step taken by companies like Badhouse in unmasking people they claim wrongfully downloaded and distributed their movie. And that’s what they’re claiming. A copy of their Complaint can be seen here. This is the same complaint they file in each case against different groups of defendants.

If you received an ISP subpoena notification letter from Spectrum, RCN or any other internet service provider, we can help. Call 312-994-2424 anytime, seven days per week, for a free consultation with Attorney Erin Russell. Erin has helped thousands of defendants settle their copyright infringement cases. She can advise you regarding your options for settlement or litigation, and help you determine which is right for you. You can also read Erin’s FAQ article on torrent copyright infringement lawsuits if you want additional information on what these lawsuits are about and how they work. Erin represents defendants in torrent download cases across the country and has represented many New Yorkers in cases like the Badhouse case.

The Badhouse case docket number for the Southern District of New York is 1:17-cv-07071-ER. The Eastern District of New York docket number is 1:17-cv-05177-LDH-ST