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UN4 Productions Fighting Chicago-Area Comcast Customers With ISP Subpoena Notification Letters

| Jul 27, 2017 | Copyright Infringement |

UN4 Productions Fighting Chicago-Area

UN4 Productions has filed 5 lawsuits in Chicago alleging copyright infringement by BitTorrent movie app and website users. They are alleging that people illegally accessed the movie “Boyka: Undisputed 4”. The filing of these lawsuits is known as copyright trolling and though some courts have frowned on the filing of such lawsuits, many across the country allow them to proceed. If you received an ISP subpoena notice from your internet service provider about one of these lawsuits, you can call me any time, 7 days per week at 312-994-2424 for a free legal consultation. It can be very reassuring and empowering to know your rights, your options, and the potential outcomes as soon as you are notified of a lawsuit. It allows you to proceed on your own terms being fully informed of the process and the potential implications, legally and financially. Your consultation with an attorney about the BitTorrent settlement should leave you feeling stronger about your options and more optimistic, not less. If you get a consultation that leaves you feeling worried or threatened, I would urge you to call me for a free consultation at 312-994-2424 right away. These cases are to be taken seriously, but they should not leave you feeling threatened or afraid. Quite the contrary, you have very good options and the sooner you act to protect yourself the better.

Every year, I represent hundreds of people who are sued in BitTorrent copyright infringement trolling lawsuits. The law requires that the subscriber be given 30 days’ notice to object to the subpoena if they think they have legal grounds to do so. In many jurisdictions what that means in practice is that you have 30 days to settle your case, if that is what you want to do, without the plaintiff learning your name. You can settle anonymously. Many of my clients want to settle without their information being released, and I am able to make that happen.

Once your name is released, you will receive a demand letter from the attorney for the movie. It will have a bunch of legal threats and ask for a large sum of money. That number can be negotiated to something that is reasonable and that you are able to pay. That’s what I do. I negotiate settlements for people who wish to settle, but cannot afford to settle for the number demanded by the plaintiff.

If you choose to litigate your case, I can help you do that as well. I have 13 years of litigation experience and have successfully litigated BitTorrent cases. Whether you settle or litigate is entirely up to you. But I always strongly advise that people contact an actual litigator of these claims, not a settlement mill, to discuss their options.

Call me, Erin Russell, at 312-994-2424 for a free consultation. I would be happy to talk with you about your legal options and to help you settle your case if you so desire, or to litigate if you prefer.

UN4 filed the following cases in Chicago in 2017:

UN4 Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-23 — 1:17-cv-04861

UN4 Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-18 — 1:17-cv-04863

UN4 Productions, Inc. v. Doe 1 — 1:17-cv-04865

UN4 Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-21 — 1:17-cv-04866

UN4 Productions, Inc. v. Does 1-25 — 1:17-cv-04868