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ME2 Productions Lawsuit Notifications Are Arriving Again In Arizona

| Jun 8, 2017 | Copyright Infringement |

ME2 Files Its First Copyright Infringement Lawsuits Against Arizona Defendants

ME2 Productions has filed numerous copyright infringement lawsuits against Arizona residents regarding the film “Mechanic: Resurrection.” Notices about the most recent lawsuits started arriving in the mailboxes of Cox Cable customers this week. If you got a letter from Cox Cable about a subpoena, you are the target of one of these lawsuits.

Attorney Erin Russell represents many Arizonians in lawsuits filed by ME2 and other companies like it. She has a local network of experts and counsel to work with her on matters that require litigation. If you wish to settle your case, you can work directly with Erin, who will negotiate a fair settlement and resolve your case quickly. You can read a basic explanation of how these lawsuits work written by Erin here.

The sooner you call the sooner you can get all the information you need on settling your case or making the decision to litigate. Erin can provide you with the best assessment of your exposure and help you decide the best use of your time and financial resources to handle your case.