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| Apr 29, 2017 | Copyright Infringement, Firm News |

ME2 Productions Lawsuit Notifications Are Arriving Again In Arizona

To Successfully Settle Your Malibu Media COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT Lawsuit Hire An Attorney Who Has Successfully Litigated One.

Attorney Erin Russell Has Litigated Against Malibu Media And Won. Call Erin At 312-900-9723 For A Free Consultation About Malibu Media Litigation, MALIBU MEDIA SUBPOENAS, AND Malibu Media Settlements.

Experience matters. Just settling cases without having ever done any real litigation does not put an attorney in the best position to help you get the best results in a settlement.

In 2016, Attorney Erin Russell, along with her co-counsel Jonathan Phillips, won a Malibu Media case in the Northern District of Illinois. You can read the opinion here. In short, Malibu Media was unable to prove that the defendant downloaded or distributed any of its works, and the judge granted the defendant’s motion for summary judgment. By winning at summary judgment, the defendant was able to maintain his anonymity and was able to avoid the costs of a trial.

The procedural pattern of Malibu Media cases in federal court is very consistent. A complaint is filed against a John Doe defendant. Malibu must then ask the court for permission to send a subpoena to the defendant’s Internet Service Provider asking for that person’s name and contact information so the case can proceed against that person. After the court gives Malibu permission to send the subpoena, the subpoena is sent. The Internet Service Provider is legally required to notify the defendant that they received a subpoena seeking their information. If you recently got a letter from your Internet Service Provider about a Malibu Media case, this is where you are in the case. This is the best time to get a free consultation with Attorney Erin Russell so you can figure out the best way to handle your case.

Erin is an experienced litigator and can explain the litigation process in a Malibu Media case, how much it will cost, and can talk with you about your individual circumstances and how they affect the likely outcome for you. Your individual circumstances are important. They affect your likelihood of success in litigating a Malibu Media case or getting the best possible settlement.

If you are a defendant in a Malibu Media copyright infringement case you can call Erin Russell at 312-900-9723 anytime, seven days per week for a free consultation. You owe it to yourself to get a professional opinion from an experienced litigator who has settled cases with Malibu and has litigated them. It will help you greatly to conserve your emotional and financial resources.