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Criminal Productions Started October With A New Lawsuit Against AZ Residents

| Nov 5, 2016 | Copyright Infringement |

Criminal Productions Started October With A New Lawsuit Against AZ Residents
Criminal Productions, Inc. filed a new BitTorrent copyright infringement case in the District of Arizona in October of 2016. There are now three cases pending in AZ. Internet subscribers in the newly-filed case will soon be receiving notices that the attorneys for Criminal are seeking their personal information to advance their case against them by issuing a subpoena to Cox Cable asking for their names and addresses. If you receive a notice from Cox, call for a free consultation with me anytime, seven days per week at 312-994-2424. I have more than a decade of litigation experience and I am one of the most experienced attorneys in the country when it comes to copyright infringement and BitTorrent subpoenas. I always offer free consultations, and my flat fees are the same nationwide.

Criminal Productions is suing for BitTorrent downloads and distribution of the movie “Criminal”, starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds and Gary Oldman. If you received a letter from your cable company about a subpoena for your information in this lawsuit, the attorneys for the film are claiming that their experts caught you downloading and distributing the movie using a BitTorrent client. They are asking your internet provider to give them your name and address so they can contact you directly and ultimately, if you don’t settle, name you publicly in the lawsuit.

Copyright infringement litigation can be expensive and risky, but if you are innocent it can be worthwhile. In some instances a settlement is a wiser use of a defendant’s money. I can talk to you about your individual circumstances (whether you or someone you’re responsible for did it) and help you to understand your potential exposure. I represent hundreds of accused downloaders every year and will apply my experience and knowledge to present you with your best options.

The Criminal cases pending in Arizona are:

Criminal Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties — 2:16-03327-DJH

Criminal Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties — 2:16-03350-BSB

Criminal Productions, Incorporated v. Unknown Parties — 2:16-03358-DLR