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Queen of the Desert Litigating Copyright Infringement Cases in Chicago

| May 22, 2016 | Bittorrent |

Queen of the Desert

QOTD Film Investment, Ltd. filed six BitTorrent copyright infringement cases in the Northern District of Illinois in February of 2016. Chicago area internet subscribers have now begun receiving notices that the attorneys for QOTD are seeking their personal information to advance their case against them.

QOTD is suing for BitTorrent downloads and distribution of the movie “Queen of the Desert”. If you received a letter from your cable company about a “QOTD Film Investment, Ltd.” lawsuit, the attorneys for the film are claiming that their experts caught you downloading and distributing Queen of the Desert using a BitTorrent client. Copyright infringement litigation can be expensive and risky, but if you are innocent it can be worthwhile. In some instances a settlement is a wiser use of a defendant’s money.

Attorney Erin Russell is one of the most experienced BitTorrent defense attorneys in the country. She provides free phone consultations seven days per week at 312-994-2424. Erin can talk to you about your individual circumstances (whether you or someone you’re responsible for did it) and help you to understand your potential exposure. She represents hundreds of accused downloaders every year and will apply her experience and knowledge to present you with your best options.

Receiving a notice about a case like the QOTD cases can be intimidating, but our clients consistently tell us that they felt much more calm and in control after their consultation with Erin.

Erin is already representing numerous defendants in the QOTD cases in Illinois. The attorneys for QOTD have started sending settlement demand letters directly to the individuals who have been identified by their internet service providers. If you received a letter from QOTD’s attorneys, Erin strongly advises that you contact your own counsel before trying to contact QOTD’s attorneys directly. A free consultation is the least you can do for yourself to get the best information and assessment of your legal exposure.

The following QOTD cases are currently pending in the Northern District of Illinois:

QOTD Film Investment, Ltd. v. Does 1-33 — 1:16-cv-02457

QOTD Film Investment, Ltd. v. Does 1-24 — 1:16-cv-02458

QOTD Film Investment, Ltd. v. Doe No. 1 – 1:16-cv-02461

QOTD Film Investment Ltd. v. Does 1-28 — 1:16-cv-02462

QOTD Film Investment, Ltd. v. Doe No. 1 — 1:16-cv-02464

QOTD Film Investment, Ltd. v. Does 1-17 — 1:16-cv-02466